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Mine fan, main fan, mine fan, local fan
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Vertical K40L series of mine main and auxiliary fan shaft circulation fans
Main and auxiliary fan fans for metal mines

K series mine energy-saving fan is a new product developed by the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry and China Nonferrous Metal Industry Corporation's Mine Energy Saving Promotion Station in the early 1980s. Jilin Baicheng Mine Fan Plant is one of the earliest manufacturers to cooperate with the Mine Energy Promotion Station One. This product passed the ministerial level in 1984. It has the unique advantages of high aerodynamic efficiency, high efficiency area that can be well matched with the mine ventilation network, and extremely significant power saving effects; the main air cylinder is equipped with a stable flow ring anti-surge device. The characteristic curve has no hump, and can run stably under any mine resistance. The blade installation angle can be adjusted, the running noise is low, and the wind can be reversed directly. The simplest transmission structure with direct connection between the motor and the impeller is adopted, which has good overall stability and installation. Convenient, easy to maintain, and low installation resistance. As the main fan, the installation has a small amount of civil engineering and can save a lot of investment. It is suitable for installation in underground and is the most ideal fan for a multi-stage fan ventilation system.

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