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10-24 high pressure centrifugal fan
10-24 high pressure centrifugal fan
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1. Uses <BR> This fan is dedicated to the production of 40,000 tons of sulfuric acid furnace bottom ventilation and general forging furnaces and high-pressure forced ventilation, and is widely used for material transportation. It can be used for air transportation and non-corrosive, unnatural, and does not contain Viscous substance gas. The temperature of the conveying medium generally does not exceed 80 ° C. The dust and hard fine particles contained in the medium are not more than 150mg / m3.

1) This fan is single suction. The machine numbers are five machine numbers N06.8, 7.1, 7.4, 8 and 8.5.
2) The fan can be made into two types of clockwise rotation or counterclockwise rotation: when viewed from one end of the motor, if the impeller rotates clockwise, it is said to rotate the clockwise clockwise, which means clockwise; if it rotates counterclockwise, it is called counterclockwise. Rotate the fan in reverse.
3) The exit position of the fan is expressed by the exit angle of the casing; it can be made into three angles of 0 °, 90 ° and 180 ° in both forward and reverse directions.
4) The transmission mode of the fan is D type. And made into an overall structure, easy to install.

The fan consists of an impeller, a casing, an air inlet, a transmission group, and an overall support.
1) On the impeller, N06.8, 7.1, and 7.4 have 14 blades each having long and short blades; N08 and 8.5 have 12 blades each having long and short blades; all of them are forward curved blades. After the impeller is formed, it is corrected for static and dynamic balance, so it runs smoothly and reliably.
2) The casing is welded into a volute casing with ordinary steel plates.
3) The air inlet is made into a convergent streamlined overall structure and fixed to the front cover group with bolts.
4) The transmission group is composed of main shaft, bearing box, coupling and so on. The main shaft is made of high-quality steel. The bearing box has an overall structure that is lubricated with rolling bearings and rolling bearings with mechanical oil.
5) The overall support is welded with ordinary steel plates and sections.

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