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4-2 × 79№12E centrifugal fan-Zibo Fan Factory Co., Ltd.
4-2 × 79№12E centrifugal fan
4-2 × 79№12E centrifugal fan
General medium, low and high pressure centrifugal boiler fan
product description:
I. Use of fan 4-79, 4-2 × 79 centrifugal fans can be used for indoor ventilation and ventilation of general factories and large buildings. It can be used as input gas or output gas. The type of gas to be transported is air and other gases that do not ignite spontaneously, do not explode, have no entanglement, are harmless to the human body, and are not corrosive to steel materials. No viscous substances are allowed in the gas, and the dust and hard particles contained in it are not more than 150mg / m3. Gas temperature: no more than 80 ° C. Those with similar gas properties can also be used.
Second, the fan type 1, each fan casing is made of two types of clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation.
2. The exit position of the fan is expressed by the exit angle of the casing. The 4-79, 4-2 × 79 type fans No3A ~ 6A are made into a type when they leave the factory. The unit is re-installed to the required position according to requirements. The position of the air outlet can be adjusted from 0 degrees to 225 degrees, and the interval is 45 ℃; No7C ~ 8C air outlet position adjustment range: 0 ° ~ 180 °, interval of 22.5 °; No10E ~ 20E single air inlet and double air outlet positions are made into three fixed types: 0 °, 90 °, 180 °, Can't be adjusted. If you need non-standard models such as special machine numbers and special air outlet angles, our company can design and manufacture them for you, but you need to specify in detail when ordering.
Structure of the fan The fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet and motor. In addition to the above-mentioned parts, No7C ~ 20E also has a transmission part.
1. Impeller: It is composed of backward inclined arc thin plate blade, curved front plate and flat back plate. They are all made of steel plates and corrected for static and dynamic balance. The air performance is good, the efficiency is high, and the operation is stable.
2. Chassis: made of two different types. No3 ~ 12 case is made as a whole and cannot be disassembled. The casings of No14 ~ 20 are made into two-open type, except that they are divided into two halves along the mid-level horizontal plane and connected with bolts.
3. Air inlet: It is made as a whole, installed on the side of the fan, and the cross section parallel to the axial direction is a curved shape, which allows the gas to enter the impeller smoothly, and the loss is small.
4. Transmission group: It consists of main shaft, bearing box, rolling bearing, pulley or coupling.

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