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I. Overview

1. Main purpose and scope of application Wet dust extraction fans for coal mines (hereinafter referred to as dust extraction fans) are used in dust production operation sites where the dust is concentrated in coal mines, rock lanes, anchor shotcrete working surfaces, shotcrete machines, and mining working surfaces. The dust-containing gas can be purified in situ and can partially digest the toxic and harmful components in the gas, effectively make the operating environment comply with industrial hygiene standards, and protect workers from dust and poison.
The dust removal fan is composed of a mine fan and a wet dust collector. The assembled fan adopts an explosion-proof withdrawable local fan for coal mines. The working point of the dust collector matches the resistance characteristic of the fan, which can ensure that the performance of the whole machine reaches the design index. After the dusty air is sucked in by the dust removal fan, the dust is captured by the wet dust collector, and the dust is purified in situ. The purified airflow after the dust removal is discharged from the dust outlet of the dust collector to achieve the purpose of purifying the air flow.
The dust removal fan adopts the combination of wet turbulent water curtain and wet filtration technology, which has the advantages of high dust removal efficiency, small resistance, light weight, low water consumption, simple maintenance, etc., and is welcomed and praised by users.
The implementation standards of wet dust removal fans for coal mines are MT159-2005 "General Technical Conditions for Mine Dust Collectors" and Q / ZFJ007-2010 "Wet dust removal fans for coal mines".
2. Normal working conditions of dust removal fan:
(1) Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃;
(2) The altitude is less than 1000 meters;
(3) Relative humidity is not more than (95 ± 3)% (25 ° C);
(4) Used in mines containing methane and coal dust explosive gases;
(5) Atmospheric pressure: (80 ~ 110) kPa.
3.Model meaning

Second, performance, characteristics Wet dust removal fans for coal mines have unique performance and characteristics. In the following aspects:
1. Unique principle, small size and light weight, using a "turbulent water curtain + filter plate" device with multiple dust removal mechanisms. The filtering wind speed of the dust collector can be increased to 10 ~ 18m / s, and it is related to the dust removal efficiency. It has a positive correlation characteristic, which makes the space occupied by the unit air volume the smallest, only 10% to 40% of similar products.
2. Low working resistance and low energy consumption: Working resistance is 1000 ~ 1200Pa, and the energy consumption per unit of air volume is about 30% of similar products.
3. The dust removal efficiency is high, and the applicable dust concentration range is wide. When the measured dust concentration is 24000mg / m3, it can still work normally without clogging, and the purification effect of low-concentration dust-containing gas is also satisfactory. The range of dust particle size that can be captured is wide, and it has high dust collection efficiency for coarse dust and respirable dust.
4. The dust collector is made of metal materials without any unsafe factors.
5. The mating material of the impeller and the protection ring of the fan complies with the requirements of GB / T13813 "Test methods and determination rules for friction spark safety of metallic materials for coal mines"
6. There is a special model design for the capture of cement dust.
7. The explosion-proof type of dust-removing fan and supporting motor are explosion-proof type for coal mine, and the explosion-proof mark is ExdI.
Third, the main technical indicators
1. Rated processing air volume: see parameter table.
2. Total dust removal efficiency: ≥97%.
3. Respiratory dust removal efficiency: (90 ~ 98)% (positive correlation with the filtered wind speed).
4. Liquid-air ratio: (0.03 ~ 0.09) L / m3 (treatment air volume) (depending on the level of air dust concentration).
5. The static pressure efficiency of the fan part of the dust removal fan is not less than 55%.
6. Working resistance: 1000Pa 1200Pa (the deviation from the rated working resistance should not exceed 10%).
7. Applicable spray water supply pressure: ≥0.3MPa.
8. Applicable ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃.
9. Working method: long-term continuous work.
10. Working noise: ≤85dB (A).
11. Applicable dust concentration range: (0 ~ 24000) mg / m3 (processing air volume).
12. Applicable dust types: coal, rock, cement and other hydrophilic dust.
13. Explosion-proof motor use voltage: 380V / 660V or 660V / 1140V.
Structure and working principle
1. The structure is shown in the figure below. This dust removal fan is mainly composed of mining explosion-proof ventilator, dust collector, water supply spray system, dehydrator and machine base. The fan is placed in front of the dust catcher, the motor is installed in the flow channel of the fan, and the dust collector is in a positive pressure operation state.

KCS series coal mine wet dust removal fan outline diagram
1-Explosion-proof fan for mine 2-Water spray system 3-Dust collector 4-Dehydrator 5-Frame
2. Working principle Under the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the resulting negative pressure sucks dust-containing air through the skeleton type (negative pressure air cylinder) through the draw-out local ventilator to suck in the cyclone guide fluid. When the dust-containing gas advances in a spiral (that is, The airflow spirals along the inner wall of the body shell.) It is hollow cone-shaped, and the airflow in the center can flow to the boundary. The strong centrifugal force separates the airborne dust to realize the first-stage filtering of the dust-containing gas.

Main technical parameters of wet dust removal fan for coal mine Product model KCS-90D KCS-120D KCS-145D KCS-180D KCS-225D KCS-265D KCS-320D KCS-418D
Working resistance (Pa) 1000 1000 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
Rated processing air volume
(m3 / min) 90 120 145 180 225 265 320 418
Total dust removal efficiency (%) ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97% ≥97%
Respiratory dust removal efficiency (%) ≥ (90 ~ 98)% ≥ (90 ~ 98)% ≥ (90 ~ 98)% ≥ (90 ~ 98)% ≥ (90 ~ 98)% ≥ (90 ~ 98)% ≥ (90 ~ 98)% ≥ (90 ~ 98)%
Liquid to gas ratio (L / m3) 0.05 to 0.07 0.03 to 0.05 0.04 to 0.06 0.03 to 0.09 0.03 to 0.04 0.03 to 0.04 0.03 to 0.04 0.03 to 0.09
Noise (dB (A)) ≤84 ≤84 ≤84 ≤84 ≤84 ≤84 ≤84 ≤84
Air inlet diameter φ (mm) 510 510 580 580 640 640 740 740
Dimensions (mm)
L × W × H 2520 × 990 × 1320 2520 × 990 × 1320 2600 × 990 × 1320 2600 × 990 × 1320 2700 × 990 × 1320 2700 × 990 × 1320 2700 × 990 × 1320 2820 × 990 × 1320
Matching motor model YBF2-132S1-2 YBF2-132S2-2 YBF2-160M1-2 YBF2-160M2-2 YBF2-160L-2 YBF2-180M-2 YBF2-200L1-2 YBF2-200L2-2
Motor power (kW) 5.5 7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30 37

The dust-laden gas from which large particles have been separated enters the "turbulent water curtain + filter plate" device under the effect of wind pressure, and the dust-containing air flow is fully contacted with the irregularly moving turbulent water curtain as it passes through the overpass section, making the dust moist or weight Condensation and retention, at the same time strengthen the conflict between water mist and dust and dust-containing gas, improve the capture rate of fine dust, and improve the self-cleaning ability of the filter. After the dust-containing gas is filtered and removed, the dust and particles collide with the water curtain to become wet dust particles, and the dust mass flows out of the dust removal fan with the sewage, and the clean gas passes through the dewatering plate and is discharged from the air outlet.
Five, installation
1. Before the dust removal fan goes down the well, check whether the whole machine is intact, the parts are fastened, and the connection is loose; check that the electrical and mechanical insulation resistance meets the requirements, the junction box fasteners and connection gaskets are complete, and there is no abnormality in the trial operation;
2. After running down the well to the site of use, connect the water inlet connector with a quick connector hose, close the drain valve, open the water inlet valve and connect the water supply spray system of the dust removal fan, and observe whether the spray is normal and has a certain pressure (≥0.3MPa);
3. Turn on the motor and check whether the fan impeller rotation direction is consistent with the indicated direction mark and whether there is any abnormality.
4. Note that when the dust removal fan is placed on the ground, the air inlet should be more than 100mm away from the ground, so as to avoid the broken stone or other debris being sucked into the dust collector during work and damage the vibrating wire filter plate.
5. Pay attention to protect the filter plate from damage during transportation and installation.
(I) Operation
1. Before going down the well, the dust removal fan should read the instruction manual in detail, and check whether the whole machine is intact, and then check the matching electric motor according to the safety regulations of the coal mine. Before the motor is powered on, its cold insulation resistance (≥50MΩ) must be measured with a megohmmeter, otherwise it must be dried. After meeting this requirement, run for 10 minutes after power on. Look for any anomalies and record them. The dust removal fan must be checked for no abnormalities before it can be used in the well.
2. Start the dust removal fan sequence: a. First open the water supply valve to make the spray system work; b. Turn on the fan.
3. Turn off the dust-falling fan sequence: a. Turn off the fan; b. Close the water supply valve.
4. Observe whether the dehydration is normal after starting the dust removal fan for 2 minutes. There should be no obvious water mist at the air outlet, and the sewage outlet should be smooth.
(Two), maintenance
1. When the water flow is dirty, the sewage valve should be opened frequently to discharge the dirt to prevent the water supply spray from being blocked when the water filter is blocked.
2. Regularly dismantle and inspect the water quality filter, spray head and filter plate. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced to prevent affecting the dust removal efficiency.
3. In general, the dust removal fan disassembles the water filter and water sprayer every 1 to 2 months, and takes out the filter plate and turbulence ball for inspection and cleaning. If it is damaged, it must be replaced to prevent the dust removal efficiency from being affected.
Seven, matters needing attention
1. The dust removal fan must be connected to the water supply spray before it can be powered on to start the fan operation;
2. It is strictly prohibited to start the dust removal fan when there is no water spray;
3. The entire machine must be protected by electrical grounding.
4. It is strictly forbidden to carry on power maintenance.
5. It is strictly forbidden to replace explosion-proof parts at will.
8. Application method When the dust-removing fan is used in the driving face, in order to achieve the highest dust-removing effect, it is recommended to use a hybrid ventilation method. The dust-removing fan can be placed on the roadway or on the material cart, or it can be installed on the belt conveyor after the roadheader.
Nine, fault analysis and troubleshooting methods Cause analysis and troubleshooting methods Remarks The dust removal efficiency has decreased significantly (1) The spray head is blocked;
(2) The water filter is blocked;
(3) The water pressure is too low and the water supply is insufficient. (1) Open the inspection door and take out the spray core to clear the blockage.
(2) Open the drain valve to discharge the dirt
(3) Increase the water pressure to above 0.3Mp. Whether the spray condition is good or not directly affects the dust removal efficiency.
The air volume suddenly becomes smaller. The "filter plate" is blocked by a large object sucked in. Open the panel box cover and take out the "filter plate" to remove the clogging. Reduced efficiency The "filter plate" is broken and the ability to condense dust is reduced. Replace "Filter Plate"
X.Transportation and Storage
1. Transportation: When signing the contract, the mode of transportation and whether it is packaged should be indicated. Generally, no packaging is required for the transportation mode of the automobile. During the transportation, care should be taken to avoid collision and damage.
2. Storage and time limit: Store in a ventilated, dry, non-corrosive gas place according to storage management requirements. When it is used, it shall be inspected and qualified according to the coal mine safety regulations.
XI. Unpacking and inspection instructions: When receiving the goods, the user should check the completeness of the information according to the following packing list, and check the overall appearance and product performance according to the instruction manual.
Packing list serial number name unit number remarks
1 Wet type dust removal fan table for coal mine 1
2 Instructions for use 1
3 Copy of Production License 1
4 Copies of coal mine safety signs 1
5 copy of friction spark inspection certificate 1 copy
6 Copy of inspection certificate 1
7 Copy of explosion-proof certificate 1
8 Copies of supporting motor safety signs 1
9 copies of supporting motor explosion-proof certificate 1
10 Product certificate 1
11 Certificate of supporting motor 1
12 Matching motor manual 1
Twelve, ordering instructions
1. Please indicate the specifications of the selected product (refer to the technical parameter table) and the supporting motor voltage.
2. Please ask if you need spare parts and other supporting parts and related requirements.
3. When using this product in non-coal mines, please explain the use environment, explosion-proof requirements, types and properties of dust treatment, in order to select the appropriate type of dust removal fan and installation method.
4. When the user separately purchases the dust collector and self-supporting fan for assembly and use, please specify the model, interface method and flange size of the self-configured fan when ordering in order to determine whether the matching is reasonable and thus obtain the best dust removal efficiency.
5, special specifications and models for ordering, according to the contract between the two parties, technical agreement, specifically designed and manufactured, can also choose other types of fans and dust collectors with corresponding air volume assembly.

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