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Mine fan
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Features and classification of mine fans:
1. The twisted airfoil blade is adopted, which has high aerodynamic efficiency and extremely significant energy saving effect.
2. Various performances and complete specifications, which can be well matched with various resistance and air volume types of ventilation networks, and can maintain long-term efficient operation.
3. Equipped with a stable flow ring device, the characteristic curve has no hump, there is no danger of surge, it can run safely and stably under any resistance state, and it is suitable for multi-fan combined operation.
4. It adopts the structure of direct connection between the motor and the impeller. The overall stability is good, the installation is convenient, the maintenance is easy, and the device has low local resistance.
5, compact structure, good moisture resistance. The main body of the fan adopts a steel plate and profiled steel assembly welding structure. The blades are made of steel materials. The blades are hollow. The blades and the whole machine have high strength and strong ability to resist underground blasting shock waves. They can be installed on the ground and also installed underground. Station fan for station ventilation system.
6. Reversible headwind, the headwind rate is greater than 60%, no need to build headwind.
7. The blade installation angle is adjustable, and the fan condition can be adjusted at any time according to the changes in the mine production.
8. The amount of civil works is small, which can save a lot of investment.
9. Low noise.

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