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DK counter-rotating fan
DK counter-rotating fan
Main and auxiliary fan fans for metal mines
1. The DK counter-rotating fan (coal mine counter-rotating fan) and the ordinary axial flow fan camera need to be counter-rotated because the directions are opposite, so that the air flow flows out in the axial direction, and the fan efficiency is improved.

2. The counter-rotating shaft circulation fan is an impeller installed behind the other impeller, and the impellers are turned in opposite directions, which is called a counter-rotating axial flow fan, or an opposite axial fan. The coal mine counter-rotating fan is mainly used by the fan to adopt a two-stage impeller counter-rotating structure. The two-stage impeller is driven by the same capacity and the same type of motor. Direction, the second stage impeller rotates counterclockwise. When the air flows into the first-stage impeller to obtain energy and is discharged by the second-stage impeller, the second-stage impeller has the function of a stationary blade in an ordinary axial flow fan. At the same time as obtaining straight wind speed in the circumferential direction, the energy of the air flow is increased to achieve High efficiency and high wind pressure that ordinary axial flow fan cannot achieve.


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